EON Products                                            Safe, Non Toxic, Biodegradable

High Performance
replacement for harmful chemical cleaners

Concentrated, non-butyl degreaser / cleaner utilizes biodegradable detergents, builders, solubilizers, penetrants and nontoxic solvents for superior cleaning results.   

This SAFE product equals or exceeds the performance of the most powerful butyl 
cleaners without the odor, skin irritation and skin absorption problems.

This high performance formula will 
remove any type of stain except permanent dye, acid stain or scale.

Will remove greases, oils, inks, carbon,wax, 
mildew, smoke film, bug stains and food stains.  

Leaves surface ready for plating, painting, coating or brazingwith NO additional preparation required.

Contains built in “Passive Inhibitor” for short term elimination and prevention of oxidation.

Free Rinsing....leaves no film, residue.

LOW COST---> concentrate dilutes with water for extended use !!

LOW COST---> NO DISPOSAL COSTS as required with solvents !!

Meets or exceeds OSHA, EPA, USDA and DNR requirements for health and safety.

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