EON  odor neutralizer products, shown at left, are conveniently package in standard sizes for home, office, commercial or industrial uses. 
8 ounce pump spray  
32 ounce trigger spray  
1 gallon  
5 gallon (not shown)  
30 gallon (not shown)  
55 gallon (not shown)
8  oz.  (1/2 pound) Canister  
16 oz.  (1 pound)   Canister  
16 oz(1 pound) wall unit insert  
4 pound Canister (not shown)  
35 pound bulk 
EON solid odor neutralizer 

EON solid odor neutralizer is the most effective 
room/area odor control product available. 

Available in canisters for easy placement in areas requiring odor elimination.  

EON solid can be used by opening lid, or, for more severe odor problems turn container over, placing solid on lid, and remove container. (shown at left)  

EON will evaporate, releasing odor neutralizing molecules into the air, eliminating odors.  EON's natural fresh scent will be noticeable initially, then diminish, as EON continues to remove odors from the air. EON does not provide a mask or cover up odor. 

EON solid works through evaporation.  Each solid is expected to work effectively for 30 to 60 days.  Actual effective use depends on temperature, humidity and air circulation.  For larger areas use multiple containers or bulk sizes.  
 35 pound solids are available with netting, (shown at left) 
for easy placement in pump stations, manufacturing operations, kennels or other large areas requiring routine odor control.